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pay transparency

inspired by this page by xe, i decided to document the salaries and bonuses that i’ve had in all my roles to a painfully excessive display of transparency.

if you are in a similar position as me back in 2020-2021 with a lot of hobby experience but zero professional experience, yolo that appliacation. worst they can do is bin your application!


month amount comment
2024-04 $74,251 E rating, 2023 annual. honestly wild to think i’ve made it this far
2023-12 $500 spot bonus (aw yee team)
2023-11 $28,125 E rating, mid year bonus (rare!)
2023-05 $31,612 M+ rating, annual bonus
2022-12 $500 “The Bonus”
2022-01 $40 i got another covid shot
2021-01 $150 “Voluntary Pay”

salary history

start date end date company role salary comment
2023-09-01 present tiktok usds [2-1] site reliabity engineer $180k/yr woah!
2023-09-01 present tiktok usds [1-2] site reliabity engineer $151.5k/yr mid year raise!
2022-08-08 2023-09-01 tiktok usds [1-2] site reliabity engineer $135k/yr new role!
2022-04-03 2022-08-08 amazon [L3] it support associate ii $33.13/hr forte lucky raise!
2021-06-21 2022-04-03 amazon [L3] it support associate ii $23.5/hr a welcome to IT
2021-05-16 2021-06-21 amazon [L1] warehouse monkey $18.55/hr + $1/hr i really should have joined tech much earlier
2020-10-11 2021-05-16 amazon [L1] warehouse monkey $17.3/hr + $1/hr another 50 cents, lol
2020-09-13 2020-10-11 amazon [L1] warehouse monkey $17.3/hr + $0.50/hr peak season night bonus
2020-08-30 2020-09-13 amazon [L1] warehouse monkey $16.3/hr temp -> part time employee, still underpaid and in the wrong job
2020-07-19 2020-08-30 amazon [L1] [TEMP] warehouse monkey $15.8/hr COVID struggles made me do it